Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Treatment

Outpatient AAC treatment focuses on developing a child’s skills using various forms of AAC. Individualized treatment plans focus on expanding vocabulary and use of augmentative communication across communicative functions. Services are offered on a weekly basis and include a parent-training component to support implementation of strategies in the home environment.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation & Follow-Up

An AAC evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of the skills necessary to access various forms of augmentative communication. Areas of functioning considered include language abilities, speech production, fine motor skills, vision, physical functioning, positioning, and current modes of communication. Following assessment of these domains, the child is trialed with a variety of AAC options […]


Beacon Assessment Center staff will work collaboratively with other service providers and treatment teams to monitor progress and update recommendations to best promote generalization of target skills.

Consultation and Support Services include:

Speech and Language Development (home and/or office)

Social Language or Pragmatics

Communication Modalities / Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Sensory and Behavioral Feeding

Staff […]

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech language therapy is offered to children with identified speech, language, and communication delays or disorders on a recurring/weekly basis. Services include one-to-one therapy and facilitated group treatment with a well-matched peer cohort. Speech language therapy is offered in our outpatient assessment center office locations.

Speech and Language Evaluation

A speech and language evaluation uses a variety of measures to assess the fundamental skills necessary to produce and comprehend language. The information from this testing is then used to determine each child’s areas of strength and relative weakness within their communication profile and to provide detailed recommendations on the focus, intensity, and structure of […]