Does my insurance cover the cost of a speech and language evaluation?

In general, most insurance companies may cover speech and language testing that is deemed “medically necessary.” This is determined on an individual basis by the insurance carrier and requires an order for the evaluation from a medical practitioner. The referring provider can be the child’s primary care physician, neurologist or other medical doctor. Beacon […]

What is a Speech and Language Evaluation?

A comprehensive evaluation for children 1 – 18 years in which the skills necessary to produce and comprehend language are assessed, including receptive language, expressive language, vocabulary, grammar, social communication, play skills, and speech production. If areas in need of improvement are identified, detailed recommendations are then provided on the focus, intensity, and structure […]

What can a Speech-Language Evaluation tell me about my child?

Once the child’s language profile is understood through the assessment process, individually tailored recommendations can be generated for direct interventions and supports at home and school to assist the child in functioning to reach their individual potential.

If there are concerns about more global learning challenges in addition to your child’s difficulties with […]

What will happen during a speech and language evaluation for my child?

For children under the age of three, parents and children are often invited into the testing office with the speech-language pathologist so the child is not unnecessarily distressed by separation from his/her parents. For children over the age of three, the parents are asked to be present in the testing office for portions of […]

What is the purpose of a speech and language evaluation?

The purpose of a comprehensive speech and language evaluation is to provide parents, educators, and other health care professionals with detailed information on a child’s fundamental skills, including their strength and relative weaknesses in the areas of language production, comprehension, and use. Parents will be supported in translating their child’s specific profile into a […]

What is a speech-language pathologist?

A speech-language pathologist is a master’s or doctoral level, licensed, health care professional who has undergone specialty clinical training in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech, language, social communication, and feeding disorders in childhood.