What is a Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

A multidisciplinary kindergarten screening and readiness evaluation is conducted by a speech language pathologist and a licensed psychologist. This clinical evaluation explores early readiness for entry to kindergarten, including basic problem solving skills, language competency, social and emotional screening, as well as a specific evaluation of phonological processing which are the key elements required […]

What is an Integrated Neuropsychological and Speech-Language Evaluation

This multidisciplinary team evaluation consists of assessment services provided collaboratively between a licensed psychologist, licensed applied behavior analyst, and speech pathologist. These evaluations are individually tailored to meet the needs of the student but often consist of clinical evaluation in the areas of development, cognition, speech and language, pragmatics, learning, social, emotional, and neuropsychological […]

Does my insurance cover the cost of an Integrated Evaluation or Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation?

In general, most insurance companies may cover neuropsychological and speech- language testing that is deemed “medically necessary.” This is determined on an individual basis by the insurance carrier and may require an order for the evaluation from a medical practitioner to complete the speech-language portion of testing. Subsequent to the intake appointment prior authorization […]