Neuropsychological Evaluation and Educational Consultation (age 6-18)

A neuropsychological evaluation and educational assessment is for children ages 6 through 18. This involves a thorough review of developmental and medical history, review of current services and educational programming, comprehensive testing across domains including intellectual functioning, academic performance, learning and memory, language and communication, as well as social and emotional domains.

Educational portions of the evaluations may include a review of educational history, review of current special educational plans and services (IEP/504), recent progress notes, and previous school test results. Also included in the educational consultation are administration of standardized academic test batteries (i.e., reading, math, and writing), review of teacher report forms, interviews with educators and therapists, as well as recommendations related to educational services and treatment interventions that are educational in nature.

The purpose of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation and educational consultation is to provide parents with a better understanding of their child’s overall developmental profile including areas of strength and relative challenge. Parents should also expect to be supported in translating this understanding of a child’s functioning into a plan for helping their child with whatever challenges have prompted the evaluation.

A neuropsychological evaluation can serve many purposes including:

  • Identification of learning and developmental challenges
  • Diagnostic clarification
  • Determination of eligibility for intensive specialty services or special education services
  • Development of educational and treatment plans
  • Assessment of academic and developmental progress
  • Consultation and case management