My child is nonverbal or I have concerns about my child’s compliance or participation in the evaluation.

During the evaluation process it is our goal to utilize clinical observation, standard testing procedures, as well as parent report measures to gain information regarding a child’s strengths and relative weaknesses. We have the capability to circumvent physical or language obstacles and use adapted measures and modified testing in order to capture the most comprehensive information about a child’s developmental functioning. We will work with a family to capture a true representation of a child’s optimal capabilities. Therefore, if the testing sessions need to be broken down into smaller time blocks or if additional sessions are required we will make accommodations. In order to gain the child’s optimal participation a family may elect to invite the child’s behavior therapists, direct care staff, or other involved professionals to join the student for the evaluation. We also strongly encourage a family to bring with them any token systems, preferred toys or items, as well as all communication devices and supports that a child may be using either at home or in therapy.